Meet The Team!

Noah Starry
President & C.O.O.

Noah acts as our Chief Operating Officer. He oversees the daily operations of the company, property acquisitions, finding solutions for homeowners, landlords, and being the team visionary. He provides value to the community through real estate solutions. Noah also pays a large role in the design and development of plans for each property. 

Noah has 9 years of experience working in the construction field as an electrician so he understands the industry and has seen it as a contractor years prior to starting Ask4Noah. 

Noah was born and raised in Lebanon City. He graduated from Lebanon High in 2010, then Thaddeus Stevens in 2013 for Electrician Construction. Noah began his career as an electrician immediately after graduation. Throughout the years he had multiple electrical positions in different areas of the industry, including maintenance for Hersheypark and their rides. Along the journey, Noah had created an electrical contracting business part-time, Starry Electric. This was his stepping stone into real estate. From purchasing his first property for $1 and selling it three years later for $100,000 to now overseeing and operating Ask4Noah – Real Estate Solutions & StarrWar Properties LLC. Noah in his spare time enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing rec basketball, coaching, and ultimately growing his business to be able to give back to the community. 


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David Warner Jr.

David is cofounder of Ask4Noah & StarrWar Properties. He is also tasked with deciding and pursuing the company mission, vision, and strategy, as well as maintaining the financial success of the business. 

David has been actively investing in real estate since 2004. He purchased his first properties in Lebanon City and also acquired properties in Harrisburg, Palmyra, and Annville. He’s invested and self managed various types of properties: single family, multi-family, commercial locations, and self storage units. 

David previously served as President of the Lebanon Rental Property Owners Association and helped mentor and advise other landlords. He’s been involved in many types of transactions including lease with an option to purchase, installment agreement of sale, and seller financed purchases. 

As an attorney, David has experienced many unique and interesting real estate issues on behalf of his clients. He’s represented clients through landlord tenant hearings, appeals, and through judgement and collection process. 

Improving the quality of housing and helping tenants reach their dream of home ownership is a passion that drives him to continue and grow the business and opportunities for everyone. 

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Tammy Waltermeyer
Property Manager & Rental Relations Director

Tammy oversees our rapidly growing rental portfolio while overseeing customer experience and relations to provide the highest service to our tenants. 

Tammy has over 20 years of property management experience. She has managed over 150 properties with professionalism, financial performance, and ethics in mind at all times. She not only provides high quality management of our properties but also maintains fantastic customer relations and experience.  

She purchased her first investment property at the age of 18. As an active investment property owner in Lebanon County, Tammy served as the administrator and treasurer of the Lebanon Rental Property Owners Association for 10 years where she provided support to fellow landlords in many aspects of rental property ownership. 

Besides her passion for real estate, Tammy enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and watching a good movie. 

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Jay Frank
Director of Construction Services

Jay manages the daily operations of our construction department. He is tasked with overseeing contractors and job sights as well as building relationships with suppliers and other businesses the company works with. Jay plays a large role in executing our plans in a timely and efficient manner.  

Jay is definitely the jack of all trades on our team and excels in a wide variety of projects, management, and communication with others. With 25 years of construction experience and 10 years in management, he is a crucial part of the company. 

In his free time, Jay likes to enjoy his time with his family and friends. He also loves to work in his shop and create things out of nothing. He loves exploring new places while hiking for days on end. His favorite part of working with us is to transform these homes to their original glory while also providing a beautiful home to the community with affordable prices. 

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Cheyenne Snow
Logistics Coordinator & Creative Director

Cheyenne was hired to manage our social media as well as our marketing. she takes all of the photographs and videos of our homes but her main goal is to make sure the Ask4Noah brand is consistent and true to our core values and beliefs. 

She is also our Internal Logistics Coordinator which requires her to schedule appointments, pay bills, and organizing and constructing systems to help the business run smoothly as we grow. 

Cheyenne has lived in Lebanon her whole life and still currently does as she is finishing up her BFA in Photography & Videography. In her work she focuses heavily on self and community as well as being a local freelance photographer. 

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