Commercial Rentals

379 North 8th Street

This is currently being renovated to be a shell for any commercial business that wants this space. Located caddy corner to Monument Park with a lot of foot traffic, especially younger generations. We are open to a huge variety of suggestions for businesses! 

The Ark

The Ark is a communal space for young entrepreneurs that are looking for a community conference room or a small office space. We have multiple options for our members. We have office spaces for rent for extended contracts or even month-to-month. We also have monthly memberships to use our conference room which will also allow you access to our waiting room and other amenities such as beverages and internet access. 

908 Cumberland Street

908 Cumberland Street has been a barbershop for over 70 years. Ask4Noah bought this property to restore and bring a modern touch to this building while also maintaining it’s original character. This space is home to Next Level Barbershop, a group of four local barbers.

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